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Sandbox Partners Discuss Smart Cities on Dentons' Podcast - Smart City Sandbox

Sandbox Partners Discuss Smart Cities on Dentons’ Podcast

Dentons Joins IBI Group-led Smart City Sandbox

Director and Smart City Sandbox Lead, Rahul Mehra, joined Dentons Canadian Smart Cities Think Tank Lead, Kat Sliwa, on an episode of Dentons’ podcast, the Smart Cities Chat Series. During the podcast, Kat and Rahul, discuss Dentons’ partnership in the Sandbox and the future of smart cities. Dentons joined the Smart City Sandbox in January of 2022, bringing its expertise in legal information related to smart cities topics, such as privacy, technological innovation and public policy.

Both professionals discuss the reality of creating a smart city today, while outlining solutions to current challenges such as broadband limitations. The conversation also highlights the role of digital twins in smart cities and how they will be used in the future, along with the rising popularity of electric vehicles and urban development.

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