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Activating Urban Innovation

Take a virtual tour of the Sandbox and learn about some of the exciting initiatives we're working on.


Our Mission

The Sandbox mission is to create and deploy technology that improves efficiency, safety, the environment, and citizen engagement in urban areas. Together, we will combine resources, talent, and the broader tech ecosystem to cultivate the next generation of smart buildings and infrastructure in cities.


Smart Buildings

The Sandbox is experimenting with new technologies that put better tools in the hands of building owners,
managers, and residents to create a more resilient and cost-effective environmental footprint.


Smart Mobility

By innovating within the existing mobility ecosystem, Sandbox partners are creating new data-driven applications, tools and capabilities that will enable greater choice for travellers.


Smart Infrastructure

New connectivity between transportation, energy, water and other essential infrastructure is creating opportunities for Sandbox partners to develop new solutions for one block or an entire city.


Next Gen Vehicle Travel

With autonomous and electric vehicles poised to join the urban landscape, why can’t we think of those fleets as sources of electricity as well as consumers of it?

Our Partners

The Smart City Sandbox brings together partners and providers from a range of industries who offer a network of resources to Sandbox collaborators.


Technology Partners


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